Rachel August was one of the first people I turned to when trying to assess if my initial plan to start Dress for Success Rochester was viable. Throughout that process she became a mentor to me who is always honest in addressing concerns as a business professional and in offering her advice and support as a friend. Rachel now serves as the Board President, and I am very fortunate to have her to turn to for guidance on all matters pertaining to the management of a non-profit during our inaugural year. Rachel is an advocate for the women we serve by introducing me to people who connect with our mission and who have a true interest along with the skills and capacity to ensure our future success.
— Alyssa S Whitfield, Founder, Dress for Success Rochester
Because of her extraordinary knowledge of this community, I engaged Rachel at the Y to augment our philanthropy team’s skills with her unique understanding of donor interests and the perspective she possess as an experienced nonprofit executive.
— D. Todd Gray, Senior Vice President of Philanthropy & Chief Development Officer, YMCA of Greater Rochester
I witnessed Rachel’s strong leadership through her management of employee resources. She hired or identified those with talent or potential, encouraged staff development and creativity, measured and recognized performance and promoted based on success and growth. Ultimately, these actions led to greater productivity, increased revenue and staff retention. I am extremely proud and grateful to have been a member of her team for more than a decade. But more importantly, I feel fortunate to have been mentored by her while she led a transformation of the Zoo.
— Karen Panosian, Visitors’ Experience Director, Seneca Park Zoo Society
Your assistance, your identification and recruitment of new Board members and new folks to work with us on many issues pertaining to the Park, and your general good counsel, have been invaluable to us.
— Mary V. Fisher, Secretary, Highland Park Conservancy Board
Rachel was very committed to a grander vision for the Zoo and through her work with the Board, staff and County personnel, she dedicated herself to creating new exhibits. Specifically, Rachel was the one who stayed with the process - involved in every aspect of design, construction, and funding - so the community could reap the benefits of the new exhibit called Step Into Africa.  I’m honestly not sure the exhibit would have ever happened without her ability to communicate the vision, her attention to detail, and her success in securing donations for the project.
— David Riedman, President, @homebuilders and Riedman Development Corporation
Although we have only worked together for several months, Rachel has established connections with individuals and foundations which will help us meet our fundraising goals in the near future.
— Dennis M. DeLeo, President and Director, Venture Jobs Foundation.